Advances in Descriptive Psychology, Vol. 9
Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Introduction to Part 1: Ordinary Magic     Fernand Lubuguin, Keith     Davis, & Wynn Schwartz

Ordinary Magic: What Descriptive Psychology Is, and Why it Matters   Anthony O. Putman

Teaching Culturally Competent Psychotherapy:  A Descriptive Psychology Approach   Fernand Lubuguin

Guilty or Not: A Descriptive Psychology Analysis 
    Jane R. Littmann

Oriental Martial Arts Rehabilitation (OMAR) 
    Laurie Aylesworth

The Tolstoy Dilemma: A Paradigm Case Formulation and Some Therapeutic Interventions   Raymond M. Bergner

An Accomplice’s Tale    Mary K. Roberts                                                                
Introduction to Part 2: World Construction    Keith Davis, Wynn           Schwartz, & Fernand Lubuguin

Out of Nowhere: Thoughts and Thinking and World Reconstruction (Complete Version)    Peter G. Ossorio 

An Indeterminate and Expansive World   Mary K. Roberts

Children’s Imaginative Play: A Descriptive Psychology Approach
    Charles Kantor

Worlds of Uncertain Status    Mary K. Roberts

Introduction to Part 3: Common Ground and Shared Practices         Wynn Schwartz, Keith Davis, & Fernand Lubuguin

What is Descriptive Psychology? An Introduction
     Raymond M. Bergner

Structure  H. Joel Jeffrey

Elucidating Actus Reus and Mens Rea: A Descriptive Psychology Perspective     Jane R. Littmann

Religion and Government   Richard Singer & H. Paul Zeiger

On Saying “No”: Evidence Based Practice and the Hijacking of the Empirical    Wynn Schwartz

Biographical Sketches

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